Author box is a section, you may have seen beneath the post, which shows a brief description of the person who has written it. This section is not only meant to publicize the author, but the basic theme behind introducing this particular section is to let the public know more than just name of the author. What does he do? Where does he work? Or, where you can contact him? All these answers can be found in the author bio section.

There are several WordPress (WP) themes, nowadays, that facilitate you with this magnificent feature. However, some does not. Are you worried that your theme does not have this feature? Worry not; I am sharing a list of 5 best author box WP plugins that will let you integrate this plugin into any WP theme.

1.    Fancier Author Box:

Fancier Author Box, developed by ThematoSoup, is the most effective and compelling author box plugin for WP webs and blogs. It allows you to manipulate its positioning and make the most of this section by linking it to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (G+), etc.

Also, you can link your own or company’s website with it. Another splendid feature is its automatic Google Authorship verification for every author. You can also let your audience view and read the latest post by the author which will help you decrease the bounce rate and increase Return On Investment (ROI) of your web or blog.

2.    Author Box After Posts:

Another efficient author box plugin for WP blogs is Author Box After Posts. It has all the features that one want out of an author box plugin such as number of posts written by author, social media connections of author, short biography, send an e-mail to author and the link to his own website (if he is a guest author and runs his own website). However, you cannot manipulate its positioning hence it will only be shown in the end of the post only.

3.    WP About Author:

Having 4.6 rating out of 5 on official WP website, WP About Author is an excellent author box plugin.  It has various effective features such as linking to social networks, showing more posts written by the same author, his personal website link and a brief biography about him. Also, you can customize its border style and color to make it match with your theme.

4.    Social Author Bio:

Social Author Bio is one of the most popular author box plugins on the WP official website. It shows your G+ avatar in search result. You can control the size of the avatar, visibility of author box on each post or page and the position (where you want to locate it) on web page. You can attach up to 10 links that maximizes your chances to strengthen your social media networks.

5.    DT Author Box:

The last on our list of top 5 WP author box plugins is DT Author Box. It is one of the simplest yet most effective plugin meant for publicizing author with the audience. It has some great features such as including your image, a little information about you, and your social media networks. Also, you can upload your avatar direct from your profile.