Registering a domain name is the first yet one of the most critical tasks that a blog owner has to take. You cannot list your domain name from any domain registrar as you will have to look at many things very carefully in order to make your selection a perfect one.

If you have done it before, you would have searched for the domain registering companies and may have adopted the one which was claiming to be the cheapest domain name provider. And, it is not only you but people around the work have done the same thing when registered my very first domain.


However, sooner or later, I have realized that there are other things that are more important than money and require your attention to select a reliable domain registrar.

Therefore, in order to help you out with the right selection and save your precious time, I am sharing a list of 5 cheapest yet reliable domain name registrars who offer all the necessary features which will make it easier for you to opt for the ideal service.

1.    NetworkSolutions:

Network Solutions is one of the most popular domains registering service provider which is serving its customers for decades. The “.com” domain is available for just 0.99$ per year. Also, it is considered as one of the most reliable hosting service provider and it offers its customers a deal in which they can get a domain and web hosting for just 1.95$ per month. You can also get discounts if you are wishing to buy a bundle of domains which will cost you cheaper than the above mentioned prices.

2.    Register:

Established in 1995, is serving millions of its customers with reliable domain registration and smoother web hosting. You can have your new “.com” domain, with them, at lowest price of all time i.e. 0.50$ per year. As I have already mentioned about its hosting service, you can register your domain name along web hosting for only 1.95$ per month.

3.    GoDaddy:

Another reliable domain registrar name that you may have heard before is It is one of the oldest yet feasible domain registrar as well as web hosting provider. You will have to pay just 2.49$ to register your domain for a whole year. If you want to get cheaper price, you can get their hosting service along with it which will cost you 1.99$ per month only.

4.    Domain: is considered as one of the most reliable domain registrar and hosting provider around the world. Although, its price is higher than the above mentioned domain registering companies i.e. 9.99$ per year, but still millions of people are registering their domains with it due to its name for being reliable. However, you can still save some of your dollar bills by taking hosting plus domain package which will cost you 1.99$ per month.

5.    NameCheap:

The last on our list, of 5 best yet trustworthy domain registrar and internet hosting provider, is none other than No doubt on the facilities that they facilitate their customers with and they also fulfill the commitments that they made with them. Due to its trustworthiness, it is charging highest price for registering a “.com” domain i.e. 10.69$ per year. You can also host your domain with them for 3.45$ per month.

So which domain name registrar you are using…?