Evernote is one of the mostly used note-taking apps which one can use to organize and schedule virtual notes. A note can be a text document, a web page (full or excerpt), a voice memo, a picture and even a handwritten one. Evernote authorizes you to sync all of your files and made them available on your computer or mobile devices. However, – Evernote or not – it is also important to remember to always have some type of data recovery tool like Recuva, RecovermyPC or SQL Server Recovery for all of your important files.

Everynote also assists you in remembering your favorite things, save your favorite web pages and work with friends and your team-mates. The folders that you have made and saved on it can also be sorted and tagged to remember which files you have saved where.

There is no doubt at all that it is the most famous note-taking software. However, there are various other apps that people have started using as alternatives to Evernote. Following are the few best apps that you can use to replace it easily.


1.    Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote is the number one contender in the list of apps that can easily replace Evernote. It is a digital notebook which is basically a part of Microsoft Office (MS Office) suite that authorizes its users to gather all their data at one place. You can also share your notebook and synchronize multiple computer and mobile devices using Windows Live online data storage. With its Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can fetch the text from the image regardless of font face and size.

2.    Google Keep:

Google Keep is another great web-based application that you can use as a superb alternate to Evernote.  Google Keep allows you to make your notes in form of text, images and voice. All of your notes and other information that you want can be directly saved on Google Drive which is a perk for Drive users. It has a quite simple and user-friendly interface which appeals and attracts Evernote users who want to get rid of that complex note-taking environment.

3.    Awesome Note:

Awesome Note is really an awesome to-do and note-taking app which you can use as an alternative to Evernote. Having the powerful tools for maintaining your daily tasks, it is among one of the best apps among Apple (iPhone, iPad and iPod) users for organizing or prioritizing important tasks. Along with the typical sorting of folders, you can also graphically customize your to-do list, almost, at every turn. Similar to Evernote, you can make textual and pictorial notes in it.

4.    Note Taker HD:

Note Taker HD is another feature-rich app that you can use to make and organize your daily tasks and notes instead of Evernote. Along with the typical textually-typed notes, you can now have the freedom of making hand-written notes with changeable line thickness, font face, size and color. Also, you can import PDF files and crop photos for your notes.

5.     Springpad:

Last but not least, Springpad is yet another app that rivals with Evernote. It allows you to organize and save anything you want. You can also share your tasks and can hide the ones that you want to keep just for yourself. One thing that makes it different and more appropriate is its automatic update feature.

For instance, you have saved 10 best vacation resorts where you want to go –but you will be going to look at it in future. Springpad will keep on updating the data you have saved and add more information that you may need to know before visiting there such as testimonials, reviews and map. All in all, the data you will save to view later will not only be saved but enhanced too for better experience.