Nowadays, the Internet is brimming with thousands of web based applications. Among the thousands, there are also some great applications that are useful for freelancers. When it comes to web apps and software to help freelancers with their work, having the right apps and tools can create a big difference. And it’s not only about the work-related apps, rather now there are apps that help freelancers easily manage all their activities.


Freelancers usually like applications that are free of cost so that they can sign up and get access to them easily. Given below is a list of a few of these web based apps that will greatly help with your freelancing tasks:

1.    Google Apps

Google Apps is an absolute must have web application for every freelancer. This web app helps freelancers and businesses connect with their team and get work done from any place on any device. It’s a very simple application to install, use and manage that allows you to work smartly in an organized manner. Google Apps help reorganize everyday tasks and activities such as invoicing, budgeting, scheduling, etc. Freelancers can create an invoice template using Google Drive, balance their budget by sharing a spreadsheet via Google Sheets or create reminders for their tasks using Google Calendar.

2.    DocStoc

Docstoc is one of the best online applications on the Internet that offers the widest collection (over 20 million) of high quality professional and legal documents and resources including expert videos and articles for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.  It is the leading web app to start, grow and manage small businesses and a great platform for uploading and sharing documents with the world. Docstoc has a number of categories for finding and downloading various documents ranging from business and personal finance to education and lifestyle.

3.    OpenOffice

OpenOffice is the best option for those who do not want to purchase the costly Microsoft Office or who do not want to go with web based apps. The greatest benefit of using this software is that it’s completely free. OpenOffice comes with a complete suite of tools for word processing, presentations, graphics, spreadsheets, databases and more. It also allows easy exporting to PDF which makes it easier for e-books, guides and pamphlets to be shared in the PDF format. It stores all the data in an international open standard format.

4.    Evernote

Evernote allows you to communicate effectively and get the things done in the right manner. This website has a vast collection of apps that makes it easy for freelancers to stay organized and productive. Evernote offers great benefits – it captures and saves your thoughts and ideas, images or audio files from your computer or phone and synchronizes them all for easy recovery. So, now with Evernote, you can store all your good ideas in one place.

5.    Mint

It is difficult for freelancers to keep track of their expenses and manage them effectively. But now with Mint, freelancers can start managing their expenses and savings wisely. Mint is one of the best free money management tools on the web which organizes and categorizes your expenses for you. With Mint, you can easily set a budget, track your goals and do much more with your money.