It is a wish of every online marketer to get the maximum traffic, views, likes and comments in a very short span of time. However, it is a wish that comes true very rarely. There should be some unique elements in your video, photos or content that can make it go viral. Else, you will be getting the same response as you used to get.


Making something go viral is a very complicated task and there is no specific pattern that can help you make it viral. However, adherence to the following precious and priceless tips will guide you to put your efforts in a way that can maximize your chances to get the desired results.

1.    Concentrate On the Latest And Up-Coming Events:

The first and most important thing that can help you make your content, photos or video go viral is to concentrate on the latest and up-coming events. The reason behind it is that most of the people are searching about it on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc and social media platforms such as Google Plus (G+), Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore, you will have to keep an eye not only on the latest news but on the latest trends and hashtags. It will help you compose and post something that the online world is searching for.

2.    Get Shared By Someone Famous:

Another thing that can help you go viral is getting shared by someone famous. Here, famous does not mean only a celebrity or superstar. It can be anyone having huge amount of audience on social media platform. Therefore, you will have to add such persons who are famous on social media platforms and put all your efforts into engaging them by commenting, liking or sharing the content that they have shared. This activity of yours only increases the chances that they will be going to do a favor in return.

3.    Share Something Humorous:

One of the important things, seen and observed by professional marketers, is that humorous thing go viral easily and quickly. The latest example is the song “Gangnam Style” that has beaten all the records of the views on YouTube. Have you ever noticed that what makes it go viral?

The key thing that makes a song hit is the lyrics but in this case, most of the people (among 1 billion viewers) have not understand a single word of it. Then, what has made it go viral? The only thing is its dancing style that is quite unique and humorous. Therefore, you will have to do same if you want to go viral.

4.    Do Share And Make It Sharable For Others:

An important thing that you must pay attention to is to make your content easily sharable for the targeted audience. Not making it sharable can create obstacles in its way to go viral. Therefore, you must attach social media sharing buttons with your content. Also, post your content on each and every social media platform depending on the nature of your content.

5.    Ask For A Favor:

Last but an important thing that can help you go viral is to ask for a favor from the audience that is connected to you on every social media platform. People are more likely to help others on social media.

The latest example that you may have heard is a guy (Bubby Lyles) who put on a challenge on Twitter to date with an athlete (Lolo Jones) and she accepted his challenge if his tweet got 150,000 re-tweets, then she will be going to date him. He spread this word to his friends and family members and as a result of it; he got more than 150,000 re-tweets and now they are planning to go on a date.

Therefore, you should not be shy while asking a favor from your audience because you do not know when your dream comes true.