LinkedIn is the largest global business networking platform that allow business individuals to connect, engage and keep in touch with other business contacts and potential customers. If used properly, LinkedIn can provide opportunities for businesses to build and maintain strong relationships with the world’s top businesses, since executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are available it.

On LinkedIn, there are more than 80 million professionals from all over the world, including thousands of potential customers. You can easily find experienced business people from numerous large and small companies belonging to every type of business.


However, out of the 80 million, only a few marketers and companies are able to successfully acquire customers from LinkedIn. Why is this so? This is due to some mistakes that businesses make when attracting their clients and promoting their products and services. Given below are some of these common mistakes that can affect the success and growth of a business’s LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Mistake #1: Not Creating A Company Page

The greatest mistake that businesses make is not bothering to create a company page. Company pages are usually forgotten by businesses when they sign-up on LinkedIn and this results in attracting very few customers. If you do not create your company page, users won’t be able to know about your business and what benefits you have to offer them. Hewlett Packard, for example, has a company page that has 1 million followers, and that allows them to directly connect to a large number of people on LinkedIn.

Mistake #2: Having A Company Page But Not Providing Sufficient Information

It is useless to have a company page that has nothing listed on it. Even though you’ve made your company page, not listing or providing detailed information about your products and services leads to failure of your business. In order to promote your business and attract more customers, it is important to have a detailed section about your products and services. As a business expert, you should mention what benefits your products and services have to offer. It is estimated that about 40% of businesses do not have a company page on LinkedIn, whereas 70% of those that did, have no details about products and services.

Mistake #3: Not Posting Regular Updates

Another huge mistake that businesses make is not posting updates regularly. You should post interesting updates related to your business so that everyone in your network is able to see it. It has been found that if you post up to 20 updates in a week, at least one of them is seen by almost 60% of your network. It is important to keep track of your company page and update it regularly so that you can promote your business and attract your target customers.

Mistake #4: Not Asking For Recommendations

Many businesses do not ask for recommendations from their customers or other businesses. Since customers are interested in what other people say about the business, it is essential to get recommendations written from colleagues or business partners. By reading the recommendations, customers are encouraged to buy the products and services of a particular business and are happy enough to write some good things about the business. The best way of getting recommendations written for you, especially from a co-worker, is to write one for them first.

Mistake #5: Not Actively Participating In Groups

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to join up to 50 groups where you can connect with your potential customers, respond to their queries and solve their problems. But many businesses do not join or actively take part in group discussions. They either become a member of a group but do nothing, or they join only those groups that are related to their field of expertise. Businesses should always actively participate in group discussions to make them heard and join those groups as well where their customers are present.