Online advertising has become popular over the past few years. The newest entry in the world of online advertising is Facebook. Nowadays, more and more people are finding ways to advertise and make money online through Facebook. Millions of people have profiles on Facebook and because of this it is one of the most visited websites on the Internet.


Many advertisers are now finding out ways to target certain niche markets and groups of people through Facebook. This has led to the rise of advertising on Facebook which has become a complete success for advertisers. Here are some wonderful Facebook advertising tips that will definitely guide advertisers during their promotional campaign:

1.    Monitor The Click Through Rate

The most important tip for Facebook advertising is to determine the click through rate of your ad. You should always watch the click through rate of your ads regularly. One thing that every advertiser experience when advertising on Facebook is that the performance of the ad goes down with time. The reason for this is the increase in the cost incurred for reaching your target audience. When you see that the performance of your ad is declining, immediately change your ad. Every ad has a lifespan and after that they don’t remain effective. So, to get more out of this lifespan, it is important to take this particular step. For getting a high click through rate, you should add an interesting image to your ads so that more and more people get attracted towards it.

2.    Understand The Demographics

Understanding the demographics on your page is another essential element that you can’t ignore. Generally people think that most of the Facebook users are teenagers but in reality, the rapidly-rising demographics on Facebook include people of ages 40 and above, most of which are women. Knowing the demographics will let you easily identify their needs and requirements so you can promote accordingly.

3.    Create Several Versions Of The Ads

This is another great tip for Facebook advertising. Whenever you start off with a new campaign, always remember to create multiple versions of each ad to test different variables. You can first create 5-10 ads with the same headline, ad copy and targeting, but with different pictures. After running these ads for some days, stop the ones that aren’t performing well. Next, pick two or three best performing ads and create several versions with different headlines but same target groups. After that, start testing and targeting the ad copy. Begin by targeting by demographics such as gender, age groups, location, etc.

4.    Make A “Sandwich” Page

Never link your ad directly to a sales page or a sign-up form. If you make this mistake, your ad will never get approved. Make a “sandwich page” instead; a short page related to your ad’s text that describes the topic in more depth. This page also has a link at the bottom that leads to the main landing page of your ad.

5.    Include Interesting Text In Your Ad

Write a few interesting lines to describe your ad. The best thing is to ask a question in the description to entice the viewers a bit. Don’t make any spelling or grammatical errors since this won’t let your ad get approved. Also, don’t use offensive language in your ad text since doing this will let your ad get rejected.