In the modern times, writing has become something limited to the online world. Every writer needs to refresh his mind by going for a walk in the park, sitting quietly under a tree or having a cup of coffee with a friend. But since this is the age of technology, the approaches have been changed. Now, there are plenty of online destinations that offer inspiration to writers. Given below is a list of a few inspirational websites that are useful for writers:

1.    First 50 Words


This website is a great way to gain inspiration and let your creative juices flow. In this website, you are given a topic to write on. You are required to write the first 50 words of a story in the comments section. Most of the topics are unique and interesting and help enhance your thinking power.

2.    Bibliofaction


Bibliofaction is another inspirational website which focuses on one particular type of short storytelling which isn’t interactive. The website is a modern home of the short-story writing and a great place where writers and readers interact and share their experiences. One more amazing feature of this website is the short story competition through which you can win exciting prizes if you participate in them.

3.    Storybird


Storybird is a very amazing storytelling website that is full of cool animation and interactivity. It is a fun website for writers since it lets you use pictures to create your own story. The pictures are provided by various artists. Before you start off, you are required to select a picture from the gallery or browse the picture themes. The story maker on the website is filled with a number of different drawings by a single artist. You can easily move these drawings to the canvas and add text to them. This will create your own picture book which you can share online, make it visible on the website or even get it printed.



Founded in 2000, has become one of the largest and the most feature-rich writing websites on the web. The rich content and support for different formats makes the site worthy of visiting. allows users to write under various categories and sub-categories. Non-interactive categories include short non-fiction stories, poems and essays, while interactive categories consist of interactive stories, campfire stories and quizzes. However, to get access to various book templates, you need to sign-up for a membership at the website.

5.    Protagonize


Another inspiring website is Protagonize which is a contemporary, visual writing community based on collaborative and interactive storytelling. Protagonize was established in 2008 and is probably one of those writing websites that one actually feels good to use. The most interesting feature of this website consists of the interactive stories called “add-ventures” which includes short chapters for the readers. The reader is given a choice to direct the characters throughout the story. The website is not just about directing the story and its characters, but it also allows you to start a completely new story on your own. Besides the add-ventures, you also have the option to start a collaborative linear story where other writers can add their part as well.