In the previous post, we have discussed the 5 smart wearable launched at IFA Consumer Electronics Show 2015 and today we are going to round up the smart TVs launched at the same platform. So tighten your seatbelts as you are about to see some of the amazing smart TVs that are beyond your imagination.

#1 LG’s 4K OLED:

LGs Double Sided 4K OLEDs IFA 2015
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One of the most amazing smart TVs that have been revealed at the IFA consumer electronics 2015 is the LG’s OLED. LG has been talking about OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) for last few months and has also revealed that they are going to launch one during the IFA 2015.

Talking about the OLED, audience was stunned because they have not seen a double-sided TV before. Surprised? You should be as it is something that none of us has expected to see so shortly. Although the TV revealed at the IFA 2015 is the prototype, measuring 111 inches in diagonal, and therefore would not be available at the TV stores. However, the same technology embedded in small sized screens that are commonly consumed by the users will shortly be available.

During the press conference, CEO and president of LG display Dr. Sang Beom Han shared his views about this revolutionary TV,

“We are now living in an era of displays. Through displays, we share information. Through displays, we communicate. Through displays, we look into the future and dream about it. We want OLED to be the revolution of light that opens up the future we all want to live in”

#2: Phillips’ AmbiLux 4K TV:

Phillips Ambilux 4K LED TV IFA 2015
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Phillips has also revealed its revolutionary 4K TV which is able to transform your living room into a Cineplex. Yeah, you heard me right. The new 4K TV launched by Phillips at IFA consumer electronics show 2015 can project the display on the wall behind it using the embedded micro-projectors in it.

Phillips has named this technology as “Ambilight Technology” which will be available in 65-inch smart TVs which will be launched later this year. However, it will be only launched in Germany, Russia and other European countries this year.The TV will be powered by Google’s Android TV software and will have access to Hulu, Netflix, and other TV-centric services offered by Google Play Store.

The best part of this smart TV is that it comes with customizable options and there are different modes from which user can select. For instance, a user does not want to use the Ambilight’s traditional LED, he can select to transform it into a 10 LED-powered pico projectors affixed in the rear panel.

Similarly, if you are not watching a movie and want to listen to the music instead, you can switch to the music mode which will make lights match with the dynamics of the music. Moreover, Phillips has also enabled to transform it into its Hue Smart Lightening System which allows user to adjust the color and brightness or Wi-Fi bulbs placed around the room via smartphone.

#3: Panasonic’s 4K OLED:

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LG is not the only one to introduce OLEDs as Panasonic has also launched OLEDs at the same event IFA consumer electronics show 2015. Panasonic has launched its all new TV series TX-65CZ950, a 65 inch 4K UHD screen which is able to support HDR content as well.

Panasonic has not yet announced when it is going to launch its new series of OLEDs in United States and at what price, but it will be shortly available in European countries for a price tag of almost $11,000. Talking about its display, Panasonic has given the best shot which one can expect from an OLED mixed with 4K resolution, even better than that of LG.

One thing that gives it edge over other OLEDs is its HDR feature through which users can shut off all internal lights except a particular area that they want to illuminate. The area can be scaled down even to the size of a single pixel.

Moreover, Panasonic has claimed that its black is better than blacks of LG’s OLEDs that are launched at the same platform. The same screen size with additional features has made Panasonic OLEDs a tough rival to LG.


There is no doubt that OLEDs has made a major difference to the tech world with features like wall projection feature of Panasonic and the double-sided display of curved OLED by LG. Although, Phillips has not introduced any OLED in IFA consumer electronics show 2015 but its simple, thinner AmbiLux 4K LED TV was nothing less as it is also equipped with projection feature. Moreover, other distinguished features such as different modes and controlling Wi-Fi connected bulbs are a major breakthrough in the tech world. In short, the LED and OLED TVs launched at IFA 2015 have revolutionized the tech-world.