Selecting web hosting service provider is one of the most difficult tasks for a website owner. There are several factors that he has to look at carefully before electing a hosting provider. If you are a website owner, you also have to analyze those factors carefully, especially if it is your first experience. Not analyzing those important factors may lead you to annoying outcomes.


There are several mistakes that are observed during surveys conducted by different mega web hosting companies. In order to help you out, I am sharing a list of mistakes that you must avoid while selecting a web hosting provider for your website.

1.    Looking For Cheaper Price Only

The first and most severe mistake that most of the website owners make while selecting a web hosting service provider is that they go for the cheaper hosting without analyzing its other factors. It is something very bad. When you are paying for web hosting then why cannot you pay one or two dollars more to get it from a reliable provider?

It is not something that you change very frequently. Also, keep this fact in your mind that switching to the new hosting provider will cause downtime. It is because uploading your previous data on new hosting takes hours and sometime days. Therefore, you should not bet your credibility just to save some cents of yours.

2.    “Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Space” a Myth

One of the things that you must not believe at and ask before selecting a hosting provider is the so called “unlimited bandwidth and disk space”. There is nothing like unlimited word in the dictionary of web hosting providers and there is limit to the usage of bandwidth disk space. Once you exceed that untold limit, you will get a mail notifying you that you have surpassed the bandwidth or disk space.

Therefore, you must ask your service provider about the amount of bandwidth and space that you will actually get with the package you are selecting. Else, you will have to face embarrassing situation in the end. Also, you will have to pay the charges that they will tell you at that point of time and if you do not agree to pay those charges, you may to face downtime on your site till you clear your dues.

3.    Server Speed

Once you have asked the bandwidth and disk space limit that you will get with the selected package, now is the time to ask about the speed of the server. It is often seen and observed in shared web hosting that one has to experience a very slow server speed.

Your web page must load within 10 seconds for a 56 Kbps modem. If it is taking more time to upload your web page, then it may compel your audience to leave your website immediately and look for a better website. As a result of it, your website’s RIO will be affected negatively.

4.    Make Sure 24/7 Technical Support

It is the same thing as of the unlimited bandwidth and disk space which means that there is no surety of the technical staff support 24/7. Most of the service providers claim that they will provide you this facility but very few of them facilitate their customers with it.

Therefore, you will have to ask your hosting provider that whether he will be facilitating you on weekends and holidays or not. If not, then you must look for another service provider because you cannot predict the issues that you may face with the hosting.