Guest posting is the latest trend of sharing your knowledge and information through composing a post and publishing it on a blog that is more popular and has more audience than your blog. The best feat of a guest post is that you get a permanent backlink to your site. However, writing it is not similar to a simple blog post. The reason behind it is that the owner of the blog, on which you want to publish your post as a guest, must give a green signal to it for its publication.

Therefore, it must be written in such a way that can excite him and speak for itself. If it fails to do it, he will turn it down and your efforts that you have made on writing it will be devastated. Also, there is a possibility that he will not look to your mails requesting for reviewing another write-up you want to post.


Writing a phenomenal and flawless post is not an easy task, especially, if you are doing it for the first time or only for the sake of backlinks. However, adherence to the following simple yet effective tips will make it easier for you to write it excellently.

1.    Don’t Focus On Backlinks Only:

The first and foremost thing that you will have to consider before you start composing your guest post is not to focus on getting back links only. It is obvious that you will get it through the post –if published. However, keeping your focus to the links will affect the quality and effectiveness of your post. Therefore, rather focusing on the links only, you must pay attention to your writing skills and creativity of the post which will increase the chances of getting it published.

2.    Make It Informative And Unique Too:

Another thing that you must keep in your mind before you start writing is to make it informative and unique too. It is seen that some writers restrict their focus on making it informative and some on its uniqueness. However, both of the above mentioned factors should be there in your post if you want to maximize the chances of getting it posted on the desired blog.

3.    Don’t Show Off:

One more thing that you must take care is not to show off your vocabulary excessively. It is because the purpose of writing it is not to impress the blog owner only but you also have to make it reader friendly to make the most of it.

Most of the people are not good at vocabulary and may not know the words that you have utilized in the post by searching different synonym directories. Also, it would become disaster if your post compels the reader or the publisher to open the dictionary to understand what you have written.

For instance, I could have used word “Exhibitionist” rather than “Show Off”. However, I have not used it. Why?  It is because using peculiar words can increase the chances of confusion among my readers which I do not want. Therefore, you must do the same and try to make it simple and clean to increase its chances of approval.

4.    Go For The Relevant Yet Appropriate Blogs:

Last but not the least thing that can increase the chances of approval is to send out your guest post to the blogs that are relevant to your topic. For example, you have written a guest post on technology. Now, you may wish to get it published on TechCrunch, Technorati, Engadget, Gizmodo and more similar monster sites of technology.

However, submitting them would be a bad call for a beginner level or even an intermediate level writer. You must see whether your profile as a guest blogger is strong enough that can get their attention to your post for reviewing it. If not, then you must not even send them a mail saying “Hello, I want to guest post on your blog”. Therefore, as a beginner, you must start by guest posting on the blogs that are new but completely based on the topic of your writing area.