Return On Investment (ROI) is the evaluation of the performance or efficiency of the investment that one has made. It can also be defined as comparison between the amount you have invested and the benefit you have gotten from that investment.  A website that you have built for your business is similar to the investment and it is obvious that you will expect some benefit or return on that investment.


There are several factors that can increase ROI of you website and it is what everyone desires. However, increasing it is not an easy task to fulfill. So, if you want to increase the ROI of your website then you must read the following tips.

1.    User Friendly

The first and most important thing that you must pay attention to increase your website’s ROI is to make the website user friendly. It is something that can help you engage the new visitors and may compel them to stay and browse your pages for a while.

On the other hand, a poorly constructed web can compel the visitors to leave the page immediately which will not only affect the ROI negatively but also increase the bounce rate. Therefore, you must give it a proper time to analyze whether your website is user friendly or not. If not, then work on the areas of your website that is creating obstacles in its usability.

2.    Make It Informative

Once you have made your website user friendly, now is the time to check the quality of your website’s content. Check whether the quality of content is good, average or below average. Also, the information that your website is delivering to the audience is informative and unique or not.

In order to increase ROI of your website, you will not only have to put the good quality content on your website but you’ll also have to make sure that it is informative too. Publishing the content that contains the information that has already been posted on different blogs would be a bad call and will affect website’s ROI badly.

3.    Set Your Goals

Another important thing that you must consider seriously, in order to increase your website’s ROI, is to set the goals of your website. It means that you must know the purpose of building your website. Ask yourself what you want from it? Do you want to increase sales, want to generate revenue through ads or want to make it an informative platform for your visitors? Also, your website should be targeted to a specific category only. Making a website without knowing its goals or covering a wide range of topics under one domain name will obviously affect ROI negatively.

4.    Call To Action

Last but an utmost thing that can help you increase ROI of your website is to call your audience for an action. You should design your website in such a way that the person who has landed on your website, for the very first time, can also easily understand what you are offering. Not calling them for an action or not guiding them properly for the action that you want them to do will ruin the efforts that you have made on your website and, ultimately, the desired goal will not be achieved.