If you are aiming to get the top position on Google’s SERP, then get ready for a ride full of bumps, hurdles and challenges. The current competition is quite ruthless providing the limited space in the battle arena, i.e., the SERP (search engine result page). As every competitor is aiming to get the Throne of Google – since it allows them to rule over a large number of targeted traffic – you also had better be ready to give your all to acquire that Throne before others.

When it comes to search engine optimization, in short SEO, every marker knows that content and links are the two main (crucial) factors that influence the rankings. However, what most people tend to forget is the web design which also plays a significant role in site optimization. In addition to that a well-designed web also significantly increases the traffic on your website, ultimately allowing you to enjoy high conversion rate. A poorly build website, on the other hand, will negatively affect your site thereby depriving you of the targeted traffic and conversion that you desire.


Following are some of the crucial web design mistakes that one must avoid to make this ride (SEO) less bumpy and more productive.

4 Most-Crucial Website Mistakes That Hurt Your SEO

Inconsistent Web Layout

Oftentimes, webmasters create inconsistent web layout that makes it difficult for the users as well as the crawlers to navigate through your web pages. Whether it is for improving the appeal of your website or simply it is just the lack of knowledge, an inconsistent template always cause result in terrible search engine ranking and click-through-rate. Therefore, it is important that a site must have a global navigational menu so that both the users and the crawlers can move through the web pages easily.

Converting Content into Images

It is also observed that some designers end up converting the main headers of the web content into graphical images, normally for the sake of appeal. Regardless, if the H1, H2 or H3 tags are not crawled by the Google bots, your site’s ranking is doomed to be hurt. Always make sure that the headers of your content are in text form not images so that you could enjoy better rankings.

Excessive Graphical Content

When search-engine bots come to your website, they mainly look for text contents which are usually keywords and anchor-text links. If you use cut back these mainly elements and replace them with too much graphical content, you’ll end up preventing your website from being displayed on the relevant search results. The only way to save your rankings from such terrible fate, reduce the graphical content like Flash and images.

Disfigured URL Structure

Inappropriate URL structure is yet another factor that deteriorates your rankings on the SERP. A bad link structure is one that contains numbers, special characters, session ids or multiple levels. Such links structures aren’t identifiable by the crawlers. Instead, you must use keywords or appropriate phrases to make your link structure readable and identifiable by the crawlers so that they could do their work and propel your rankings to the top spot.