Do you think having an online platform (website) will suffice for growing the online presence of your business? If so, then you should really think again. Though it is true that you need a website to influence your online consumers, but it isn’t even nearly enough to reach more target-audience. To achieve this tremendous goal, you need to create a prominent place in the social media as well.

Social media marketing has become a crucial necessity these days for growing any business. Having social authority on major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ or Pinterest is very essential for a wide and effective reach. However, managing multiple social platforms isn’t easy at all since you have to keep the messages unique on every page while worrying about how much followers or likes you have acquired in the recent days.

To make this hectic process less frustrating, there are some desktop and mobile applications are available to help you keep a total leash on your social media marketing endeavors.


Today, we’ll present 4 highly-popular social media management tools that’ll give you total power over monitoring your social activities without even breaking a sweat.

Hoot Suite


Hoot Suite is the most dominating tool for managing the social accounts of your business. This innovative tool allows individuals and businesses to collaborate their social activities on multiple social platforms via a single yet extensive dashboard. The tool is highly useful for monitoring social conversions and tracking the efficiency of different campaigns. It comes with an integrated analytics system having the ability to track certain niche-keywords. Moreover, you can also schedule your posts as per your convenience.



The biggest problem among savvy users is the excess of information available on the internet. Within just a minute or so, we find dozens of highly-valuable content that we like to share with our followers on different platforms. However, sharing them all at once could create a flood of posts, which of course, users never like. Here buffer comes into play. This creative tool gives you the ability to schedule your streams and distribute them all day long. In addition to that it also provides analytics of your page presenting you the reach of your page and its engagement statistics.

Sprout Social


Sprout social is another creative tool that is mainly popular among the users due to its user-friendly yet all-inclusive User Interface. The rich graphical metrics provided by this tool gives you easy-to-digest data that can help you maintain your social activities more competently than ever. The tool comes with a “Stream Inbox” feature that lets the user respond to any post from any social media account seamlessly. Moreover, with this tool you can easily and quickly schedule your posts to continue your uninterrupted activity on every social account.

Crowd Booster


If you want to have an automated tool that can do the hectic thinking for you while you sit back and relax, CrowdBooster is the tool you should go for. As the name implies, it is a great online social engagement booster. With crowdbooster you can easily keep an eye on who retweeted you (real-time), how effective your social media campaign is, etc. Moreover, it keeps you updated with the current data of your campaign through emails.