Content marketing is a key component of inbound marketing. Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and distributing relevant and valuable content. It’s about telling stories in a persuasive manner, not about your brand but about what you have to offer to your customers. In other words, content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of relevant and persuasive content in a way to attract your target audience and bring more visitors to your website.


Content marketing is a simple concept but it can turn out to be extremely complex when marketers go wrong or face problems while implementing the content marketing strategy. Usually, marketers are themselves to blame for most of the problems they face. But there’s a solution to every problem and the main thing is to find how to do it. Given below are some of the common content marketing problems and a few feasible solutions for them:

Problem #1: Your Content Is Not Up To The Standard

One of the biggest problems that content marketers face is having bad content, or content that isn’t up to the standard. Such type of content lowers your brand image. Bad content includes information that isn’t reachable to your customers or isn’t helpful to them at all. It shows that the marketer is singing praises only about his company and not focusing on the needs of the customers.

Solution: Focus On Your Customers

If you have such content performance issues, the best solution is to get your vision tested by identifying the needs and requirements of your target market. Rather than writing about your products and services, get focused on what your customers are looking for in your content. Remember that your content should offer some benefits to your target customers. It should meet your target customers’ needs or wants.

Problem #2: You Don’t Have An Audience

Another problem is having lots of content to publish but not having any audience. The greatest mistake that marketers make is that they get so much involved in the content that they forget to focus on the audience. If you don’t have an audience, then what’s the point of creating your content?

Solution: Use Strategies For Attracting Your Audience

In order to attract your audience, you need to apply some creative strategies. One strategy is to keep your focus on subscriptions. Creating subscribers will generate greater revenue for your business. Another way is to create a list of influencers which will attract more customers. Guest posting is one more way for attracting and increasing your audience.

Problem #3: Using Multiple Channels

Marketers also face problems when they use multiple channels at a time such as blogs, social media, webinars, etc to publish their content. An average business uses 17 different types of content for its content marketing strategy. Having so many different platforms and channels is not only exhausting for you but it also affects the quality of your content and your involvement in it.

Solution: Choose One Channel

The best solution for this problem is to choose one channel and become expert at it. Keep your focus on one channel only so that you can produce high quality content. This doesn’t mean that you should only produce one type of content; rather it means that you should be specialized in a specific type of content to attract more customers. For example, you can concentrate on using podcasts or print magazines. Whatever channel you choose, put most of your energy into that.

Problem #4: You Don’t Have Enough Resources

Not having sufficient resources to do the right content marketing is another big problem faced by marketers.

Solution: Work With Other Companies

If you don’t have the resources, the best way is to find non-competitive companies that have the same target customers as yours and work with those companies to create persuasive stories. In this way, both the partners can leverage each other’s databases to share the content with new networks of consumers.