For those who do not know, Google Hangouts is a free video chatting service in which you can talk one-on-one and can also chat in groups. However, if you are chatting in groups, there would be no more than 9 people, excluding you, at a time. However, you can stream your live video through its superb feature i.e. “Hangouts on Air” which enables public to watch your live video streaming.

Due to “Hangouts on Air” feature, people are now using it to market their brand or products. However, very few of them are making the most out of it. Why? It is because they are not following the proper marketing strategy and making blunders that are leaving them empty handed.


If you are a savvy marketer and want the most out of this free service, then you must read and avoid the given list of horrifying mistakes.

1.    Not Shouting-Out Loud:

The very first and most severe mistake most of the people are committing is that they are not shouting-out loud about their hangout. As a result of this weak notice, they are un-able to gather the maximum people to attend the webinar.

It is because everyone has a very busy schedule and they have to make changes in their calendar to attend anything that is coming to their way. Therefore, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts, then you must give yourself enough time to promote it appropriately.

2.    Changing The Topic At Eleventh Hour:

Another worst mistake that you must avoid to take advantage of the event is to change the topic at the very last minute. When you send out invitation to attend your hangouts, the very first thing that the people will look at is its topic.

If it is of their interest, then they will surely going to attend it. Changing it at the very last moment and telling them about it while starting your webinar will compel them to turn it down immediately. Also, they may not accept and attend any further invitation to any of your hangouts.

3.    Avoiding To Answer The Questions:

Another thing that may devastate your efforts that you have made on your hangout is not giving the answers of the questions asked by your live audience. Since it is your “Hangout on Air”; you must keep an eye on the questions that people are asking you through the comments.

There may be something that is creating chaos among your live audience and creating hurdles between your communications. Therefore, it would be better to spare a suitable amount of time in the end of your hangout to answer their questions.

4.    Not Sending Out The Reminder Of Replay:

The last thing that you must keep in your mind is not forget to send out the reminder of replay of your event. Reminding people about the event replay will help those persons, particularly, who wanted to attend your event and didn’t, anyhow. But here is one thing that you must make sure before sending out the reminder.

Disable the public viewing of your event from all the platforms where you have allowed its streaming such as your G+ page, Facebook page and YouTube account. Attach the link of your website on which it will be streamed.

Another thing that can make it more effective is to ask them to sign-up for the free transcript of the event. In this way, you can generate leads for your business and your further events and hangouts. Also, put a call-to-action in the end of the video to get the favorable results out of it.