Fast page load time has become a necessary requirement for the optimum optimization of a website. Given that SEO is now the crucial prerequisite that one must implement to acquire better exposure, it is highly recommended that one should give weight to website speed for optimal ranking.

However, analyzing the speed of each page of a website, especially when it has over 1000 pages, is quite hectic and time-consuming. Luckily there are some services that can assist us in identifying the tailbacks of our website and provide us with the necessary solution to speed up the site’s speed.


Some of these services use Google’s page speed data to understand which element in your site is taking up the most speed and fix it through their innovative tools. While there are some services that use their custom tools to give a thorough analysis and offer the recommended solution. Regardless, if you are not good with tackling this complex process on your own or if you simple don’t want have enough time, then check out the following services and opt for the one which is best suited with your needs.

Yottaa Site Optimizer


Yottaa site optimization offers an all-inclusive service, that is, from web speed optimization to protection from bots or hackers. They use custom tools to increase not only your site speed but also your mobile applications for improved user engagement. They use different factors to accelerate the performance of your web such as minimizing the requests time of server, cutting back file size, eliminating unnecessary executable-scripts. The standard package of this services starts at $199/month. However, you can order a custom package by contacting to their customer support.

Submit Edge – Page Speed


Submit edge uses the Google’s page speed tool to check the load time of your site. They use page-score to determine whether you need speed optimization or not. For instance, if your web’s page score is below 90 then it means that your site isn’t performing well. Submit edge make your web faster by using diverse features such as cutting down server requests, cache-control, compression of heavy style sheets, decrease javascripts, configure eTags, minimize page size, etc. Their pricing plan depends on the page score of your site such as $149 for 90 WPS.



Basically, Developex is an IT solution provider and offers a great deal of services which include page speed optimization as well. Just like Submit Edge, they analyze the speed of a web page through Google’s page speed tester. In addition to that their prices are also based on the page score of the client’s web. Developex’s speed optimization features include cache optimization, minimizing upload size, minimizing overhead, etc.

Web Considerations


If you don’t know how you can fix the bloated codes of your web page and reduce the load time of your site and want someone to fix it for you, then you may try web considerations page speed and optimization services. They are quite well-versed in fixing not only your back-end codes but also the unnecessary large size of your images, overstuffed CSS , poor hosting configurations, and bad server-time requests and.