Tumblr is one of the most famous and largest micro-blogging platforms, owned by Yahoo!, having more than 50 billion posts. But after hearing the news that Yahoo! has seized it in a billion dollar deal, many of the people, who use it very frequently to post snaps of their food, pet photos and other art portfolios, have started searching for its alternatives.


You may find many micro-blogging websites which allows you to create your own blog similar to Tumblr. However, you cannot rely on any of them bluntly and have to be very conscious while selecting any of them. So, if you are one who is trying to break your Tumblr addiction and looking for its alternative, you must read the following list.

1.    Soup.io:


Soup.io is an effective alternate to Tumblr which is quite similar to its prior version. The blogs that you will create on it may not be much tempting and hot, but there will be no complex procedures that you have to follow to publish or re-publish a post. It has, almost, the same simple interface and life streaming feature that used to be in Tumblr. In short, it has all the things that you are looking for.

2.    Jux:


Jux, New York based micro-blogging service provider, is quite new but has made its name in a very short duration due to its ads-free service. It is an iOS integrated service which categorizes posts by type of content –text, graphical/images, audio-visual/video, etc. The downside of this service is that posting your article, pictures and videos are not easy. Therefore, it may take time to get used to its procedure of publishing your post.

3.    Posthaven:


Posthaven, created by co-founders of Posterous (Brett Gibson and Garry Tan) is considered as another superb alternate to Tumblr. The founders of this platform has claimed and promised that it won’t be shut down either temporarily or permanently. Also, they claimed that it won’t be bought by any other company or individual. However, they have demanded you to pay a very little fee i.e. 5$ per month to avail this magnificent service. Within this cheap price, you can maintain up to 10 sites that is not a bad deal for potential bloggers.

4.    Plurk:


Last on our list of Tumblr alternatives is Plurk. It is one of the newest yet most famous micro-blogging platforms in United States (U.S.) and South Asian countries. It may seem difficult to you when you will start using it initially. However, once you have your hands on it, you will realize how easy and simple it is to use and share your posts with it. Therefore, I will suggest that you must give it a try.