Klout is one of the most famous social media influence measuring sites where users can measure their own influence on social platforms in the form of “Klout Score” –a numeric value ranges between one to hundred. Also, it determines how other users are influenced by you and the content you have shared on different social media platforms.


There is no doubt at all that it is the most prominent and densely populated websites for measuring your social engagement. However, it is not the only one that is assisting users to determine their importance in the social world. Following is the list of alternatives that you can use to measure your social activity, influence and engagement instead of Klout.

1.    Kred

Kred is the most suitable alternate to Klout that one can use to measure his social activity, influence and outreach, in online world. It can measure your Twitter activity through tweets, retweets, mentions and favorites. You can also integrate your Facebook account in it to have a look how you are going on it. However, you cannot measure your Facebook Page activity with it, right now.

It also maintains a log which includes the record of people who are influenced by you and people you are influenced by, your popular hashtags, favorite communities and the your topics that are doing well in social media. It works on the same algorithm of ranking the person as of Klout i.e. the users who are influenced with you or your shares will give you points known as “Kred Score” which manipulate your ranking.

2.    PostRank

Another great alternative to Klout that can be used to measure your influence on social media is PostRank. Along with the influence on social media, you can also get a lot of information about the content you have shared on it. It will index your posts and will show you which post is doing well or and which is not. You can get more information about your posts’ activity by connecting your Google Analytics account to it.

3.    Google+ Ripples

There are many services and tools that offer you to measure your social activity on Facebook and Twitter only. And, it is very hard to find something that can help you know how you are going on the newly yet speedily growing social media network Google+ (G+). So, the ones who want to make the most of their social media marketing skills and get the desired outcomes out of G+ should analyze their activity by using Google+ Ripples.

It is very simple to use and analyze how your posts are doing on it. You can view who has shared the links of your post and how he has done it –from where he has shared your post. All you have to do is to follow the drop-down menu of the post to see if there is any ripple(s) or not. Click on “View Ripples” and it will name the persons who have done you favor. In this way, you can find the people who are interested in your posts which will assist you in enlarging your following circle appropriately.