The realm of SEO has been evolved dramatically since its advent. Now with the non-stop release of Google updates or algorithms, especially Panda and Penguin, SEOs are left with only few ethical ways to improve their search while building robust brand awareness. One effective way that is gaining insane-popularity these days is Guest Blogging.

Basically, guest blogging provides the marketers a platform where they can share their niche-specific (informative) post and in exchange they get a permanent DOFOLLOW backlink. In addition to that the author gets to enjoy an affiliation with top blogs in his niche. As a result, the author’s website not only enjoys a significantly-improved search result but also an increased brand exposure and insane targeted traffic.


While you may be putting a great deal of efforts in searching for niche-related guest blogs through Google operators, there are some popular networks that are developed to bridge the gap between businesses and top blogging platforms.

Following are the popular guest blogging platforms that you can use to acquire permanent backilnks and gain enhanced brand exposure.

Top 3 Guest Blogging Networks



The first and most popular guest blogging community in our list is BlogSynergy. This platform empowers potential bloggers to search, connect, follow and share their guest posts with other blogs and in exchange acquire a guest post for their blogs.

There are many best features this popular blogging community has to offer. First of all the registration is completely free. Once you are registered, you can explore over 2,000 blogs that are seeking high-quality guest posts for their podiums. Should you require premium-quality guest posts for your own blog, you can browse over 17,000 writers who’ll gladly offer you content on a wide range of topics.



Another potential guest blogging resource that you can capitalize on to experience an instant traffic surge and enhanced search rankings is GuestBlogIt. This community offers you a place where you can submit guest posts for other blogs and receive posts for your own blog. However, the downside is the free membership option allows you to submit a single guest post at a time. To submit multiple queries and get access to other more features, you need to sign up for a premium membership account that’ll cost you $20/month.



Guestr is another great resource that offers marketers and bloggers guest blogging opportunities. This podium allows popular bloggers found finest-written posts for their blog and help marketers find guest post opportunities to gain backlinks and increase engagement on their sites. Forunately, Guestr offers a completely free service to both web owners and guest posters. The best part about Guestr is that it also allows you to see the PR of the blogs listed in their network as well as the number of visitors on those blogs.

There you go – some popular guest blogging networks that you can maximize to enhance your search rankings, build permanent backlinks and enjoy high engagement on your blog. If you know some more guest blogging resources, feel free to share with us in the comments below.