Twitter is the 5the largest social media network with over 200 million users around the globe. Teenagers use it to share fun stuff, photos and music and middle-aged or married people use it to connect with their friends and colleagues while some use it to engage in healthy activities to escape their loneliness. On a personal note, it has something to offer to everyone.



But if you own a business, you can definitely avail some exclusive features with Twitter. Before you run a marketing campaign with Twitter, you must build your list of followers. Unless you have a strong presence on this platform, you are not going to get anything in return from your advertising campaigns. Here I have listed ways you can increase your followers on your Twitter business page. Let’s check them out:

1.    Follow To Be Followed

Follow people on Twitter who will more likely follow you back. There are some users who have more people in their followers list than their following. Therefore, always follow those people or network that have huge followers so that your tweet can reach to more people.

2.    Update It Regularly

Make a habit of tweeting on regular basis so that you can keep in touch with your followers. You can even interact with your followers about any recent political debate, hot environmental issues or anything they are going to like. Post at least one tweet a day so that your followers feel connected with you.

Make sure to respond every tweet of your followers. Twitter offers many tools to automate responses if you are away or facing with too many tweets.

3.    Invite Your Contacts From Other Social Media Sources

Invite your contacts from other social media platforms that you are available on. If you have a long list of friends and acquaintances from other social media websites then you have higher chances of getting more followers on Twitter, especially if you are veteran in a field. So if you are a professional career counselor or a media personality, you can invite your clients and fans to this popular social media channel to increase your fan base.

If you own a business then Twitter is the place where you can showcase your product. However, it takes time and efforts to build your network on Twitter. So be patient and never buy followers. By buying followers, you cannot improve your product as they are not your genuine customers. Besides, it will only add up to the volume of your account that will only get slower every time you log into your account. So choose your followers wisely.