In 2012, we have seen many ups and downs in social media trends as well as social networks. For instance, the continuous rise of Pinterest, the ever growing numbers of scrappy micro-posts on Twitter and non-stop feature updates on Facebook.

Social media is a big deal in the current era and it’ll keep its popularity in the years to come. While most of the networks control a specific feature, there are only a few digital networks that cover all the aspects under one digital space. Twitter only allows micro-postings, Pinterest only focuses on images, LinkedIn gives utmost attention to only professional connections, etc. Only Google and Facebook are two major networks where you can find all these features under one roof.


Nonetheless, in 2013 you are going to behold some new social networks that are set to create a lot of buzz in the social media community. Understanding a little about the different features or purposes of these new networks will allow you to set things as a savvy user or marketer. For that purpose, let us raise the curtain and present the 4 hottest social platforms in 2013.


As it is mentioned earlier that most social networks offer you a specific feature. For instance if you want to listen to songs you would need to login to SoundCloud and if you want to share images you would sign-in to Pinterest. However, if you feel a bit lazy to sign-in on different social networks for different purposes, you can simply login to Pheed where you can create posts, listen to songs, watch videos, share images and do much, much more. Indeed, Pheed offers you all these powerful features all under one roof.


Medium is another big name in the new social networks, developed by the Co-founders of Twitter. Basically, it offers you a place where you can create stories that are longer than the characters restriction as impose by Twitter. The best part about this social platform is that it offers collaboration not only between friends but also with any other like-minded individual.


Chirpify, By Twitter, offers the users a best place where they can buy goods and services with just a single click. Now you don’t have to add to cart anything or fill out any unnecessary forms. Just tweet “buy” and the product will be yours. All the transactions are handled through your twitter account so you don’t have to worry about any hectic formalities.


Thumb is a pretty addictive platform for users who are open to opinions on how they are looking today. It is more like a crowdsourcing platform where you can crowdsource opinions of real people. Simply post your image and thumb it up for opinions and see what people say about your thumb.