Many people think that being productive is all about burning the midnight oil and keeping yourself busy all the time. But this isn’t the case. Being productive is rather about planning effectively and setting priorities. It’s about possessing certain traits from which you can get the most out of.


So what makes some people more productive than others? If you’re passionate about personal productivity, then you’ll surely know the answer to this. Below is a list of traits that are possessed by highly productive people. These traits aren’t inborn; rather they are the skills and habits that are learned or developed by hard work and a great amount of effort:

1.    Having Interest And Enthusiasm To Learn

An important trait of highly productive people is they have an extreme interest and enthusiasm in learning new things. They have the ability to acquire relevant information and apply it practically in different ways. They are keen to learn everything and take advantage of it.

2.    Improving Themselves And Never Giving Up

Highly productive people have the quality of continuously improving themselves. They work on their personality, their skills and abilities and strive to overcome their weaknesses. If they commit a mistake, they try to resolve it as soon as possible and try to learn from it.

3.    Prioritizing Their Tasks

Another important trait of highly productive people is they are able to prioritize tasks according to the level of importance. They can easily differentiate between the important tasks and the unimportant ones. They organize their tasks according to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis in order to achieve their goals.

4.    Planning Their Day

People who are highly productive also have the ability to plan their day ahead of their work, rather than thinking on that day from where to start. Planning ahead helps you decide which tasks you have to do first and which ones you have to perform later.

5.    Being Organized

One more quality is that highly productive people are well-organized. They know what they want and when they want it. They are able to quickly search for information they need in order to support their tasks.

6.    Being Focused

Keeping themselves focused on their task is another important trait of productive people. They only concentrate on what they’re doing now and ignore all distractions. So, if you keep focus on your task you’ll be more productive in the end.

7.    Have A Problem-Solving Orientation

Highly productive people have the ability to respond to problems and challenges. They have a problem-solving orientation. They never give up and try to solve every problem they face.

8.    Living In The “Now”

These people have the ability to live in the present moment because they know that this moment is the only time which they have control on. They live in the “now” by enjoying every single moment of their life.

9.    Independent And Responsible

People who are incredibly productive are also self-sufficient and responsible towards their tasks. They have the ability to take initiative and never complain about anything.

10.    Knowing When To Say “No”

Anyone can easily get distracted at work but highly productive people don’t. They know when and how to say “no” to others.