It is inarguably true that Gmail is the most popular web-based email client used by hundreds of thousands of users. However, it doesn’t make it all that reliable as it is supposed to be since it is backed by the gigantic search engine, Google, itself. In addition to that there are certain features that you can’t find in Gmail as opposed to other email services. Hence, it is time you should opt for better alternatives of Gmail and explore new features that you might be missing.


If you wonder around on the World Wide Web, you can stumble upon dozens of email services. Due to the overwhelming number of these services, people normally get confused about which service they should use. To save you from such hectic research, we have compiled the list of 10 popular email clients.

1.    Hotmail


Powered by Microsoft, Hotmail is not a new name among internet users as it has been around for many decades – even before Gmail. Hotmail offers plethora of features with some that you can’t find even in Gmail such as easy back-up options, integrated calendar, etc. Just like Google’s mail, Hotmail also comes with a well-integrated messenger that connects you directly with your windows live messenger’s contacts. In addition to that with hotmail you can also access your mails and send them on-the-go. Try it out and explore it yourself for a better understanding.

2.    Yahoo Mail


Just like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail is also not a ‘nobody’ when it comes to offering a dynamic electronic mailing service. It is packed with dozens of features that make your mailing experience more pleasing. For instance, you can find built-in calendar, featured news and even paypal system in your yahoo mail.

3.    GMX


If you have too many accounts for different purpose and you are tired of checking daily important emails on each account, then GMX email service is the ideal option. GMX works in a fairly unique manner than other email clients in that it gives you the ability to merge all your accounts in one account. Moreover, GMX is available for mobile use as well so that you can use it on the go.

4.    Zoho Mail


Zoho allows gives you a fully personalized business app for instant mailing. It is a pretty powerful email client that comes with an integrated with Google and Zoho docs. Pretty much like GMX, you can access different accounts through your Zoho mail. The best thing is that it is completely customized for every smartphone or tablets thereby giving you seamless mobility. Moreover, Zoho also offers instant messing services.

5.    iCloud Mail


iCloud? Ring any bell when we say “i”? Yes, it is developed by the Giant of tech industry, Apple. It is pretty simply email client with some useful features that keep your mailing experience simple and easy. iCloud comes with a colossal storage, IMAP and a dynamic web application. This service doesn’t equip you with any extraordinary features that could help you with generating your email. Still, you can try it out if you want to keep your work simple and fast.

6.    Hush Mail


HushMail is also a powerful service that offers complete protection to your emails. Its application works best with iPhone and blackberry. The distinguishing feature of Hush Mail is its Outlook integration that makes it more convenient for you to send and receive emails. Though this email service can be consider as a good alternative to Gmail but it comes with a little drawback. If you sign-up for the free account, you cannot recover the password once it is lost or deactivated – if you don’t login once in 3 weeks.

7.    LavaBit


If you don’t want to receive virus infected emails, then use Lavabit as it is integrated with a powerful antivirus tool. Its antivirus service isn’t the only feature that makes it a distinguish service but the coolest thing about it is its outgoing email storage, which is up to 64mb. Lavabit is truly a flexible and reliable service that can be a good contender against Gmail.

8.    Fast Mail

fast mail

As the name says it all, this service is popular mainly because of its ultra-fast mailing system. Just like its competitor, Gmail, it also offers an ample amount of storage thereby giving you the opportunity to store large emails without worrying about space at all. However, for larger storage you need to opt for the premium accounts. The distinguishing feature of Fast mail is its family account. With a family account, you can access and manage the email accounts of your family member right from one control panel.

9.    Yandex Mail


Yandex is a new email service that offers excellent protection from spam emails through its ‘Spamobrona’ technology. It offers a pretty neat and simple-to-use interface to the users. Apart from that it also offers some powerful features that are necessary for quick and reliable emailing such as antivirus protection, mobile app, etc. In addition to that you can also beautify your email with beautiful templates. One of its cool features is its SMS notification service.


mail is one of the advance email clients. The service is well-integrated with social media sites like Twitter and facebook. Like Yahoo mail, also offers quick access to national news stories. If you want to use an email service for basic email purpose then is the best choice for you.