“Work at home” has become a huge craze these days as more and more people are looking for ways through which they can earn extra cash without leaving the comfort of their home. There has been a tremendous increase in online websites that offer a convenient platform for this job. These platforms are best for those who either don’t have any good job or who can’t leave their home such as ‘MOMS’. The most popular one among these websites is Fiverr.com, where you can sell your services for $5.

Fiverr also provides a quick solution to employers who understand the benefits of outsourcing quite well. This service is great for employers as they can acquire any type of services without spending a fortune. Though Fiverr could be a beneficial source for employers, but for freelancers it’s just not enough.


Freelancers stop at nothing when it comes to finding multiple sources of income. This has led to the rapid rise in alternative sites that work as Fiverr’s Clones. These clone-services are, especially, best for those freelancers who deem that their skills and services worth more than just $5.

Nonetheless, if you are ready to generate more income from different sources, then you must check out some popular Fiverr Clones:



Service Charges – $2 – $100

Alexa Ranking – 91,520

Zeerk is a popular alternative platform where you can sell your services from $2 to $100, depending on your skills. The best part about this service is that unlike Fiverr it doesn’t charge any sort of commission from you. Here you are paid directly by your client. Isn’t that awesome?



Service Charges – $5 – $50

Alexa Ranking – 10,382

Another powerful platform for freelancers, Gigbucks allows you to post as many gigs as you want. Here you can charge your clients for your services from $5 to $50. Once your task is finished, you are paid via paypal with no withdrawal conditions.



Service Charges – $4

Alexa Ranking – 29,322

Originally known created as Dealerr, Fourerr, as the name implies, allows you to undertake micro jobs for only $4. If you are willing to do some less hectic jobs and earn quick money, then Fourerr is the one you should opt for.



Service Charges – $5 – $20

Alexa Ranking – 83,624

Tenbux is fairly similar to Fiverr. In fact, you’ll find it similar in its appearance as well. This service also charges commission on your jobs. However, unlike Feverr, you can earn up to $20 (commission included) for your services.

SEO Clerks


Service Charges – $1 – $1000

Alexa Ranking – 3,230

Unlike any other alternative site, SEO Clerks is a pretty good platform when it comes to earning up to $1000 per gig. On this platform you can never feel being left out as you can find any type of job you require. Again, it is pretty famous platform with dozens of job options to opt for.

Twenty Ville


Service Charges – $10 – $20

Alexa Ranking – 517,666

Though Twenty Ville is not as much popular as Fiverr, but still here you can earn more than Fiverr has to offer. It is a pretty good place to start your career as a freelancer.

Dollar 3


Service Charges – $5 – $90

Alexa Ranking – 242,587

Dollar3 is a rapid money-generating alternative that gives you the ability to post as many micro jobs as you want. Here you can earn up to $90 per gig. Moreover, they offer both paypal and alertpay for payment.

Write Swap


Service Charges – $5 – $800+

Alexa Ranking – 335,419

Writeswap is a dynamic freelance portal for proficient writers only. As a freelance writer, you don’t have any limit to how much you can earn per gig. This is the best place to show the world your top-notch writing skills and generate over $800 without breaking a sweat.



Service Charges – $1 – $10

Alexa Ranking – 113,206

On this platform, you can sell your service at variable prices, i.e., from $1 to a scoring $10. It offers a pretty simple and sleek interface with lots of categories to choose from.



Service Charges – $1 – $25

Alexa Ranking – 144,219

Goferr is a total clone of Fiverr.com. Not only it is totally similar in appearance but it contains as much categories as Fiverr offers. However, here you can charge up to $25 for your gigs.