Search engine optimization, SEO, has become a necessity for online marketers. It is because you can’t give the exposure to your products and services if you are missing the top-rankings on a search engine result page like that of Google. To implement the right SEO techniques while carrying out the complex strategies competently, it is imperative to use some automated tools.

Some SEOs are often not aware of effective SEO tools. Thus, they end up wasting their time giving a manual analysis to their sites. The question is why don’t they make the Firefox browser a seamless tool that’ll cater to all their optimization needs?


Indeed, it is possible with the addons feature of Firefox. This awesome feature allows you to integrate important plugins to your Firefox browser. These tools will let you manage the optimization and web analysis task in a proficient manner. Moreover, the installation of these plugins is also quite simple and easy. You only need to find the right SEO tool and click “add it to firefox” for a quick installation. Some plugins might ask you to restart your browser. In that case save your tabs so that you can retrieve them easily.

To save you the search for finding the best one out there, here are some crucial Firefox addons that you should consider adding to your SEO armory.

10 Free SEO Firefox Addons

1.    Search Status

Rating – 4 Out of 5

User Reviews – 170+

Users – 49,000+

Search status is the top must-have plugin, developed by Craig Raw. This clever tool comes with a vast variety of features that’ll simply blow your mind. The main purpose of this tool is to visualize the data (PageRank, mozRank and Alexa) of a URL on the status bar of your browser. In addition to that it can also present the internal resources of a domain such as its XML sitemap, Meta data, robot.txt, link report, WHOIS, etc. It is a great tool for conducting a detail analysis of a site, with a single click, while saving up a lot of time.

2.    SEO Quake

Rating – 4 Out of 5

User Reviews – 150+

Users – 88,000+

SEO Quake is another powerful tool that can greatly assist you in investigating the various SEO parameters without any hassle. The best thing about SEO quake is that it displays the complete analysis of a URL right on the search engine result page. Upon installing and then activating this tool through the preferences, you’ll see a toolbar on the snippets of each result. The many features of SEO quake include the following: Google index, Alexa rank, Page rank (URL), WHOIS, Sitemap, domain age, SEMrush rank, etc.

3.    SEO for Firefox

Rating – n/a

User Reviews – n/a

Users – 500,000+ (Claimed by SEO Book)

SEO Firefox can be downloaded from SEO Book. This tool goes beyond a simple web analysis in that it can give you a complete overview of the URL you want to investigate. Other than providing a comprehensive marketing data of the target site, it can also offer you the data sources through which you can conduct a more in-depth study. SEO for Firefox features include Google site cache, Alexa rank, WHOIS, age, link data, PR, .edu links, etc.

4.    Web Developer Tools

Rating – 5 Out of 5

User Reviews – 150+

Users – 900,000+

You must be wondering now, “Why would I need a web developer tool when I only need the link data of the site?” Though the name may imply that this tool only offers web development parameters but there is more to it than meets the eye. Developed by Chris Pedrick, web developer tool also offers some great SEO tools that can help you make your site analysis more effective and useful. For instance, you can disable the CSS, images or Javascript of the target URL to view the web page as a search engine would do.

5.    Add-on Compatibility Reporter

Rating – 4 Out of 5

User Reviews – 180+

Users – 194,000+

Worried that your new Firefox version doesn’t support your favorite plugin? Don’t worry because with this smart tool you can make your favorite plugins work with any firefox versions you want. The main purpose of this tool is to send a compatibility issue report to Mozilla so that they can fix the issue permanently.

6.    SEE Robots

Rating – 5 Out of 5

User Reviews – 6

Users – 2,000+

Tired of checking the source code of every domain or web page to see whether or not it is nofollow, index or noindex? With see robots you can easily check the Meta robots without wasting a single minute. This tool allows you to have a quick look at the header of any URL for robot tags.

7.    GA – Google Analytics

Rating – 4 Out of 5

User Reviews – 20

Users – 4,600+

Google analytics is another effective tool that every SEO must make the most from. Basically, this tool allows the user to see whether GA is installed on the target-URL or not. Now you can finally say goodbye to manual checking because you can achieve this goal with just one-click. The working of this Firefox tool is quite easy, i.e., if the page has GA installed, the Google colors will activate and if it is not, then it’ll grey out.

8.    Semantic Checker

Rating – 5 Out of 5

User Reviews – 2

Users – 450+

As the name suggests, it highlights the target-URL’s semantic elements such as microformats (hcards), strong tags, H1 headers, etc. The best thing about this tool is that it also supports HTML 5 unlike other tools. It can be a great addition to your SEO tools for making your On-page analysis more efficient and precise.

9.    Show IP

Rating – 4 Out of 5

User Reviews – 170+

Users – 123,000+

If you are tired of searching the IP address of any URL, then you must try Show IP. It is a quick tool that shows the IP address on the status bar. In addition to that it can also provide you with the hostname of the target-site. It is best for checking how many domains one IP is running.

10.    User – Agent Switch

Rating – 4 Out of 5

User Reviews – 170+

Users – 495,000+

User-agent switcher is an extension of Web developer tool. As the name implies, it allows you to change your user agent as a search engine crawler or bot for analyzing the response of your web site.